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New York robbery victim chases suspects with Nunchucks

| Nov 6, 2017 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Police are looking for some well-dressed robbers who left a man in critical condition and his son with injuries. The mid-morning robbery in Queens occurred at the victim’s store. Neighbors, many of whom went outside after hearing a big bang, saw the New York wholesale business owner with a gun shot to his head.

The man’s injured son ran after the robbers with what witnesses say looked like nunchucks, managing to kick one of the suspects as the trio got away. The son was apparently struck in the head by one of the assailant’s guns. He received a deep cut above his eyebrow. However, he was able to get the gun’s magazine from the suspect. A surveillance video shows three men dressed in suits getting into a black car.   

These suspects not only face attempted robbery charges, but they will have to deal with charges associated with the injuries suffered by the victims. Should the business owner die, murder charges more than likely will be laid. The suspects may suffer serious consequences once they are apprehended and charged.

Depending on their past records, they could spend significant time in jail. However, they have the right to a defense, so enlisting the aid of an experienced criminal defense attorney would be beneficial. A New York attorney who has experience defending those charged with robbery will work hard to achieve the best results possible in his or her client’s defense and will help to minimize the negative impact of any charges filed.

Source:, “Man Stuck Up By Robbers in Suits Chases Them With Nunchucks“, Erica Byfield and Michael George, Oct. 24, 2017


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