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1 man stabbed in Queens while drinking with pals

| Nov 24, 2017 | Blog |

When friends gather to socialize, alcohol is frequently involved in the mix. Most of the time, it is a convivial social lubricant that raises spirits among friends. But those good times with drinking buddies can head south in a moment’s notice if too much alcohol is consumed.

For some people, alcohol brings out negative personality traits like aggression and argumentativeness. People who would never resort to violence in other circumstances find themselves, in the words of country music star Travis Tritt, “10 feet tall and bulletproof” when they become intoxicated.

While it would be wiser for those whom alcohol affects in such a way to abstain entirely, plenty continue to indulge themselves well past the point of sobriety. Consider the following case as described in a recent New York Daily News story.

Drinking session with friends ends in stabbing

A half-dozen guys gathered in a friend’s basement in Queens to quaff some Jameson whiskey on a recent Saturday night. While it is unknown what caused the mood of the party to turn dark, the end result was one man winding up critically injured from a stab wound.

The incident occurred around 11:20 p.m. in Richmond Hill at a house located on 103rd Street near its intersection with 89th Avenue. The victim, age 22, was taken to Jamaica Hospital. He was listed in critical condition two days after the attack.

His alleged attacker, a 23-year-old man, dropped the weapon — a kitchen knife — and fled the scene. Police later found him at his own home, which was in the vicinity of the crime scene. According to police sources, when the cops apprehended him, he confessed to stabbing his friend.

Police charge man with attempted murder

Because the victim has thus far not succumbed to his injuries, police officers charged the alleged attacker with attempted murder. That is quite a serious felony charge that carries stiff penalties here in New York.

Moreover, because this incident occurred between friends, it’s highly likely that the defendant is steeped in remorse. That is a frequent consequence of alcohol-related violence once the intoxicated aggressor sobers up and realizes the damage that was done.

Convictions can sometimes be avoided

While the information in the Daily News story was incomplete as to motive or provocation, others in similar situations may be able to dodge an attempted murder conviction if they are able to prove that they acted in self-defense. Another possibly viable defense could be that it was not an intentional act but a terrible accident.

Those facing weapons charges should always work closely with their criminal defense attorneys in order to present the best defense to the charges against them.


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