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17 arrests made in large New York drug crime scene

| Oct 10, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Seventeen people were arrested on drug charges for operating a drug ring that transported heroin and cocaine on airplanes from a western state to New York. According to prosecutors, the drug crime pumped the drugs through Kennedy International Airport. From there, drugs went to major dealers not only in New York but also to other major cities in the United States.

Apparently, the drug ring was operated by a Long Island family. The ring leader is facing 25 years to life in prison. Seized in the raid, according to law enforcement, were 4 ounces or heroin, 5.5 kilograms of cocaine and $190,000 in cash. In addition, there were two guns which were said to have been defaced, kilogram presses, packing equipment, a BMW, a Porsche, a Mercedes, money counters and an expensive watch. The men and women arrested range in ages from 27 to 42, and they all face serious charges in connection with drug trafficking and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Prosecutors said the drugs were flown from Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix to JFK airport over the past 18 months. The stash was allegedly housed in trap centers in Queens and Nassau Counties before being distributed. All 17 defendants are being held in custody.

Being charged with a drug crime likely requires the experience of a New York attorney seasoned in criminal law. The prosecution will have to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It is the right of those charged with these crimes to mount the most aggressive defense team possible. An attorney will investigate to determine whether his or her client was arrested and charged in the proper manner, and will focus on assessing whether prosecution evidence was gathered and catalogued using the proper procedures. Any violation of a client’s legal rights can be addressed in court on the client’s behalf.

Source: NBC New York, “17 Arrested in “Massive” Cocaine, Heroin Operation That Flew Drugs on Commercial Flights to JFK Airport: Pros.“, Greg Cergol, Oct. 4, 2017


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