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New York man arrested on sex crime allegations

| Sep 25, 2017 | Sex Crimes |

A Staten Island native has been charged with a number of sex attacks and is facing charges in another, police say. The 27-year-old facing sex crime accusations has been formally charged with attempted rape, sex abuse, robbery and assault. New York police say the alleged attacks took place in a one-hour timeframe near the man’s home. 

Police say they found the accused in a vehicle that was connected to the crime scenes. Apparently, the man was near the location of the sex attacks and lives in the same area. The man is accused of attacking at least four women — one of them 64 years old and another only 14. The accused was also charged with forcible touching for an attack.

Battling criminal charges needs the guidance of an experienced attorney. Those who faces these circumstances have the right to discuss their options with an attorney. Every defendant has the right to mount the best defense possible.

A New York attorney who is seasoned in criminal law will be able to guide his or her clients charged with criminal activity on how to proceed in their specific cases. In this particular case, the defendant is facing felony level sex crime charges and needs an aggressive legal team to protect his interests and fight for the best possible result under the circumstances presented. An attorney will guide a client on what will occur in court. The lawyer will also review all potential evidence to assess whether the client’s rights were violated, prepared to address any issues identified before the court.

Source: NBC New York, “Suspect in NYC Sex Attack Spree Arrested, Linked to Another Attack: Police“, Marc Santia, Jonathan Dienst, Wale Aliyu and Ida Siegal, Sept. 21, 2017


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