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2 New York men facing merry-go-round robbery charges

| Sep 18, 2017 | Theft & Property Crimes |

A one-time carousel worker was arrested recently for robbing his former employer. The 21-year-old New York resident was charged with robbery for allegedly stealing $3,000 from his carousel operator job. He was wearing a mask and carrying a toy gun. The brother of the accused was apparently involved as a lookout.

Police said the accused approached two carousel workers while they were counting money inside a trailer. The accused demanded any cash they had on hand and money that was in a safe. The workers complied and the man then fled the scene. He and his 23-year-old brother made it to the Staten Island Ferry as it was leaving.

Police looked at the surveillance video at the carousel showing the two suspects making their way to the ferry terminal. Police were waiting for the duo when the ferry arrived, Both were cuffed and charged with robbery, possession of a weapon and menacing. The gun turned out to be an imitation.

Being charged with robbery is serious business. If convicted, a person’s life will be changed forever. It is important for those charged to enlist the help of an attorney to arrange for the best defense possible. 

A New York attorney experienced in criminal law will help his or her accused client to fight any robbery charges and work to lessen any potential consequences or sentences. During his or her defense, an attorney will ensure clients are properly notified of their rights before making any statements to police. Accused persons have the right to mount a strong defense in court. An attorney will go over all the evidence and make sure it was properly collected and catalogued by police. 

Source:, “Ex-worker arrested for armed Battery Park carousel robbery“, Tina Moore, Daniel Prendergast and Natalie Musumeci, Sept. 14, 2017


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