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New York Uber driver faces rape charges

| Aug 28, 2017 | Sex Crimes |

An Uber driver is facing charges after allegedly assaulting one of his fares who had passed out. The New York resident apparently admitted to police that he did rape the unconscious passenger after he took her to his apartment in Queens. The victim, 31, who called for the ride in the early morning hours fell asleep after telling the 47-year-old driver where to drop her off, police say.

When the woman woke up and realized what took place, the driver told her he used protection and asked her not to call police. She did call the cops, who charged the man with rape, criminal act of somebody incapable of consent and criminal sex act. He has no criminal record or prior arrests. 

Confessing to a crime in New York isn’t the same as entering a guilty plea in a court of law. If the admonition is regarding a criminal offence, the person still needs the representation of an attorney experienced in criminal law. An attorney will guide the individual on the steps that will be taken regarding the legalities of his particular case and go over all the evidence to proceed in the right direction.

Rape is a very serious criminal offence. There are three degrees of rape charges in New York state. While each is a felony offence, first degree rape is the most serious since it involves using force or having sex with someone who is physically unable to defend him or herself. Those charged with rape or any sexual assault should discuss their case with an attorney. He or she will make sure to defend the charges aggressively.

Source:, “Uber driver arrested, charged with raping female passenger who had passed out in his car“, Laura Dimon, Aug. 21, 2017


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