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Feds seize 20lbs of fentanyl & heroin in Upper West Side

| Aug 23, 2017 | Blog |

Recently, federal agents raided an apartment building in the Upper West Side of New York City and seized approximately 20 pounds of fentanyl and heroin. The apartment building was only a few steps away from Central Park. According to agents, the drugs found in the apartment were enough to cause death to almost half the population of the city. Investigators are valuing the fentanyl and heroin bust at over $3 million.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) indicated that fentanyl, in its purest form, can be highly toxic for anyone that comes in contact with the substance. People can die from exposure to fentanyl through inhalation or simply by touching with their bare skin.

Law enforcement officers arrested the apartment’s tenant along with three other individuals they suspect to be accomplices. At the moment, they are each facing charges for criminal possession of a controlled substance along with conspiracy.

Drug charges in Queens can come with lifelong consequences that can affect your future job prospects and even renting an apartment. Without proper representation, you may have a permanent mark on your criminal record. A criminal defense attorney will take the time to examine the charges as well as the specific circumstance that led to your arrest and even the details of the arrest itself. In some cases, police officers do not follow proper protocol and a judge may dismiss a case due to the illegal search and seizures conducted by law enforcement.

When it comes to preparing for a criminal trial, there are many areas that your attorney will research and investigate. In addition to the actions of the police at the time of your arrest, your attorney will also examine how law enforcement officers obtained the information that caused your arrest. Your attorney will look into the details of what kind of evidence the officers gathered and how that evidence was treated between the time the officers took possession of it and the time the prosecutor presents it in court. It is not uncommon for evidence to be mishandled, corrupted or even lost during the process.

If you are facing drug possession charges, it is important to remember that you still have rights and options. Your attorney will be able to help you build a defense and fight back against the charges. In addition, your attorney will also ensure that you get a fair trial.


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