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6 face drug crime charges in alleged heroin trafficking case

| Aug 4, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Buying or selling drugs in the state of New York is never a wise decision. Penalties for a drug crime can range from fines and/or probation to significant time in prison if someone is convicted. Recently, six men from Brooklyn and Queen were arrested on charges of heroin trafficking following an investigation that last over two years.

According to federal prosecutors, the men were allegedly working with a drug cartel from Mexico. Reportedly, they had gone across the border to work with others there to coordinate the movement of the drugs to major U.S. cities. A local Bushwick gang supposedly provided the men protection in New York.

The investigation, which began in March 2015, included video surveillance and street purchases. Authorities also claim to have gathered evidence from phone records and postings on social media. At the time of the arrest, approximately 12 kilos of heroin were reportedly recovered along with five luxury vehicles and cash. The men face life in prison if convicted.

Prosecutors also stated that the group purportedly made a variety of upscale purchases. Some of those involved allegedly bought expensive jewelry and went on exotic vacations. One of the men and his wife were said to have purchased a $3,000 stroller for their child.

More than likely, most people facing charges for a drug crime in New York have not made significant purchases of expensive items and are not facing life in prison. However, any drug charge against someone is serious and should not be taken lightly. It would be wise to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for guidance. A knowledgeable lawyer will evaluate the evidence thoroughly and determine whether it was obtained legally. A strong defense team will work toward minimizing the negative outcome of the situation for the client.

Source:, “Heroin crew found with fancy cars and $3G baby stroller“, Reza Moreno and Rew Keshner, July 26, 2017


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