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Holiday DWIs and How to Avoid Them

Between Thanksgiving and New Year's, we may head out to a number of parties and celebrations where a lot of alcohol is served. "Liquid courage" may have you believe that you're OK to drive after having a few drinks, but in reality, many drivers make this same gamble and lose.

Presidential Pardons and a Changing Attitude Toward Drug Laws

One of the signature accomplishments of the Obama administration has been a greater focus on the consequences of America's decades-long drug war. In addition to changing sentencing policies and guidelines with the help of former Attorney General Eric Holder, President Obama has made use of his executive powers to reduce unreasonable sentences for non-violent drug offenders.

The racial sentencing disparities in our criminal justice system

For people who haven't kept up with the news recently, there has been a significant media focus on the disparities in the ways that different races are treated in the criminal justice system. This difference isn't limited to treatment by police; it also extends to the sentences that courts hand down to people convicted of various crimes.

New York's Sex Offender Registry and Levels of Offense

This year, thousands of names came off of New York's Sex Offender Registry. This was because of the Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), which states that offenders who are deemed least likely to re-offend can be removed from the registry after 20 years. These are Level 1, or low-risk offenders.

What does the law say about teen sexting?

One growing phenomenon that brings with it a lot of controversy and confusion is sexting, or the sending of sexually explicit messages or images by cell phone. This has become a tricky legal issue when it comes to teens. Being charged with a sex crime can radically alter someone’s life and future. One persistent question that comes up with this topic: Is consensual sexting between teens a crime?

Rockefeller Drug Laws and Drug Law Reform

Drug laws have undergone some significant changes within the past few decades. In the early 1970’s, in the throes of a heroin epidemic and rising murder rates, along with President Richard Nixon declaring a war on drugs, New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller campaigned to get tough on drug dealers and addicts by introducing mandatory sentences of 15 years to life. This included being found with small amounts of drugs, whether it was cocaine, heroin, or marijuana. This was a reversal from Rockefeller's previous stance of seeing drugs as a social problem, not as a criminal one.

Advanced Policing Technology May Threaten Basic Privacy

Did you know that half of all adult faces in the U.S. are filed in law enforcement records and can be viewed by police with face recognition technology? That's what researchers discovered in recent study findings at Georgetown Law's Center on Privacy & Technology in Washington, D.C.

Is Pretrial Diversion A Viable Option For You?

A single mistake can affect someone for a lifetime. Unfortunate consequences like losing a job or home, spending time in jail, and having potential employers ask questions about a marred record can haunt someone long after his or her lesson is learned. If you are soon to be charged with a misdemeanor or other nonviolent crime, you could potentially avoid the above consequences and qualify for something called pretrial diversion. Available in most states, pretrial diversions can save you many unwanted headaches, especially when you have a defense attorney to help guide you through the terms of the deal.

The Importance of Recording Criminal Interrogations

If you find yourself in an interrogation room accused of a crime, you may or may not have that proceeding recorded. You also may not know why this is important. False confessions can be made under duress. You may be manipulated into making statements that you may think aren't that important, but can carry a lot of weight in a courtroom. If there is a recording, it will most likely start at the point where you are actually confessing. But the footage of what transpired prior--the coercion, the police feeding details that you would not otherwise know, and the intimidation--will not be taped or shown.

Uber changes policy (in CT) barring drivers with minor convictions

It is common knowledge that having a criminal record - no matter how minor - can close a lot of doors of opportunity. A criminal conviction can make it far more difficult to get a job, go to school or find a safe place to live.

3 things to know about shoplifting in New York

Seeing something you want and wanting to get it right away is a normal human thought. Acting on that impulse when you don't have the money to buy the item can land you in legal trouble. When you take something from a store or shop and don't pay for it, you are shoplifting. This is a type of theft charge that requires serious attention. Consider these points if you are facing shoplifting charges in New York.

Police drug testing kits can and do result in false positives

The war on drugs has had an astronomically high cost to taxpayers and those who face drug charges. Considering how severe the consequences can be for drug possession, it stands to reason that police would want to do everything in their power to prevent mistaken arrests and misidentification of substances. But sadly, that isn't always the case.

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    Pedro from Nassau County “I was arrested and charged with being the getaway driver during a knife point robbery. The police stopped my car a block away from the robbery with my co-defendant in the car with me. The victim identified my co-defendant to the police within 5 minutes of the robbery... - GREAT JOB MR. DiDIO!”

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    Lamar from Brooklyn “The Special Narcotics Prosecutor in Manhattan indicted me for the possession of a large quantity of crack cocaine. The police officers claimed they saw me make a sale of cocaine to a female and while they were arresting me, they said a softball size bag of crack cocaine fell from... - Thank you so much Mr. DiDio for the fantastic job you did on my case.”

  5. What Our Clients Say

    Pedro from Nassau County “I was arrested and charged with being the getaway driver during a knife point robbery. The police stopped my car a block away from the robbery with my co-defendant in the car with me. The victim identified my co-defendant to the police within 5 minutes of the robbery... - GREAT JOB MR. DiDIO!”

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    Kenny From Jamaica Queens “I don’t know how to thank Mr. DiDio and his Staff. When I first hired the Law Office of Robert DiDio & Associates, I had two violent felony charges pending against me. I had little or no hope of avoiding significant jail time. My former attorney was encouraging me... - Thank-you for a great job done.”

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    Christian from Long Island "My mother hired Mr. DiDio to represent me for my first and only criminal case. I was charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm and other minor charges. Prior to indictment the Prosecutor's Office offered me a plea bargain that would include me pleading guilty to... - My family and I thank him very much for his hard work.”

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