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Man threatens police, faces weapons charges

| Aug 9, 2016 | Weapons Crimes |


A man has been arrested at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan for apparently threatening to harm police officers with a gun, according to reports. The suspect, a native of Florida, was apprehended after he approached another individual at the bus terminal and asked if he was interested in “offing some cops,” indicating that he had a weapon in his bag. The individual went to nearby officers after being approached by the suspect, and informed police of the conversation that had taken place, prompting the officers to acquire a search warrant for the suspect’s bag, where they found he was carrying a .38-caliber handgun. The suspect was promptly arrested.

Documents released by the police indicate that no police officers were ever directly confronted by the suspect. However, due to the nature of the incident, the suspect was charged with a weapons offense, as well making a terroristic threat and the unlawful possession of marijuana.

Authorities have so far declined to identify the suspect.


While reports did not specify any other erratic behavior, it remains to be seen if the suspect, an 18-year-old man, may have been acting under the influence of drugs or alcohol, acting under some form of duress, or perhaps suffering from mental illness. The strange nature of his offense suggests that he was perhaps not in his right mind when he was arrested. While his actions do seem to warrant the search and arrest that he received, it will be up the courts to decide if he truly understood the nature of his actions as he was taking them.

All criminal charges deserve to be well represented in a court of law. Regardless of what may have motivated or contributed to this young man’s actions, he has the right to the best criminal defense available to him, to ensure that his rights are protected as the court hears the charges against him.


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