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Man arrested for gun possession while sleeping on subway platform

| Aug 3, 2016 | Weapons Crimes |


A New York man has been arrested for weapon possession after falling asleep on a subway platform. The man was taking a nap on a bench on the Jamaica Center Parsons/Archer station platform on Sunday, July 24 when he was spotted by an MTA dispatcher who called the authorities. Upon arriving, one of the police officers saw a bulge in the man’s waistband. Despite that fact that the man was sleeping peacefully on the bench and not causing trouble for any other subway passengers, he was placed under arrest.

Upon investigating, the police found that the 21-year old man was carrying an unloaded .22-calibre handgun, a violation of his probation orders. The man was currently on probation for possession of stolen property, while also wanted under two separate bench warrants from Brooklyn and Nassau County, respectively. Police took the man into custody and, at the time of reporting, are holding him in lieu of $28,000 bail in Riker’s Island. The man has a substantial collection of prior charges, including 17 arrests, for robbery with a handgun and several counts of drug possession.


Incidents such this one can be quite divisive. The individual in question did not appear to be posing any threat to other passengers of the subway, and, in fact, wasn’t even awake when he was apprehended by the police — he was sleeping peacefully on a bench in the subway. His prior offenses, however, did not work in his favor in this instance.

Gun possession charges can be serious business. Regardless of the severity of your charges, or the nature of your prior offenses, you deserve to receive the best representation available. An experienced attorney can help ensure that you receive a fair treatment by the courts, and that your rights are preserved and respected throughout the proceedings.



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