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Airport-related crime in NYC: You’re going to want a good lawyer

| Aug 26, 2016 | Weapons Crimes |

If you just happen to be looking for an example of a locale where heightened law enforcement scrutiny is readily apparent (in fact, screamingly obvious), try one of the nation’s airports.

Specifically, take a look around John F. Kennedy International Airport or LaGuardia Airport in New York City, for example.

Those singular environments are replete with weapon-laden police officers and other security forces, drug-sniffing dogs, high-tech surveillance equipment and airport officials trained to watch people and ask questions.

And they’re touchy.

We all know that, of course, given the close link between airplanes and terrorism and the simple fact that airports are massive and incredibly busy places through which millions of people and pieces of luggage are perpetually on the move.

Obviously, airport security officials are looking for wrongdoers in the context of terrorism (persons holding bogus IDs/licenses or unlawfully carrying weapons, for example), but they are also looking for individuals that they can arrest for any number of airport-linked crimes, such as illegal drug possession, robbery, the transporting of controlled substances and additional offenses.

It is certainly no rarity for New York City residents and individuals from other areas of the world to be confronted by law enforcement officials at the city’s airports and ultimately face stark legal challenges based on crime-related allegations.

In any given instance, such a challenge needs to be met by a timely, purposeful and aggressive legal response geared toward mitigating an adverse criminal outcome to the fullest extent possible.

A proven criminal defense attorney with experience representing individuals charged with airport-related crimes can help ensure that a client’s legal rights and interests are fully promoted following an arrest at a city airport.


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