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Any drug possession charges in New York warrant a strong defense

| Jul 7, 2016 | Drug Charges |

If you have been arrested on drug charges, you might think it is no big deal. You may even believe that you will never be convicted on the charges against you. It is true that the nation in large has relaxed its perspective on some drugs like marijuana, but this does not mean you will emerge from your experience unscathed. In truth, drug charges in New York are not always clear cut and can even be complex in some cases.

Even if you know you are 100 percent innocent, it may not save you from a conviction, which can affect every part of your life going forward. Perhaps the police found drugs in your car that belong to another party. Without legal assistance, you could still be charged and convicted with drug possession. In another example, if you own a business and someone else has brought drugs onto your property, you might be arrested, charged and subsequently convicted for possession.

The point here is that no drug charges should ever be dismissed out-of-hand simply because you believe in your innocence. Every case deserves a more proactive approach in order to make sure you escape from your ordeal as whole as possible. Acquiring a criminal defense attorney from the outset means you will receive professional representation all the way through your case.

The benefits of such an approach are significant and include finding weaknesses in the state’s case and uncovering any potential violation of your rights during the arrest. Remember, in the end it does not matter what you know; it matters whether or not you can prove what you know. A lawyer can help you achieve this goal.


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