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Unlawful firearm possession is a weapons crime in New York

| Feb 11, 2016 | Weapons Crimes |

New York City has some of the nation’s toughest gun laws. Criminal possession of a weapon in New York City often results in a violent offense charge and can mean incarceration for the defendant. If you are charged with weapons crimes in the New York City area, you are likely going to need serious assistance to avoid the harshest penalties. Discussing your case with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible is crucial.

Possessing an unlicensed firearm in New York City is illegal regardless of the location of the weapon or your intentions. Worsening matters, it is often illegal to possess a firearm in the city even if you possess a New York State license. According to an article in NewsMax, you must acquire a specific exemption to possess a firearm in New York City if you only hold a state license.

It is inadvisable to own or carry a weapon in New York City if you do not have a license; however, it happens, anyway. Perhaps you are simply moving the weapon for another person, or maybe a licensed passenger places the weapon in your glove compartment. In either situation, you are in violation of city laws governing gun possession and could face severe penalties.

Even in the most innocent of circumstances, illegal gun possession is a serious matter. If you have been charged with weapons crimes involving any type of firearm, we urge you to seek legal counsel right away. An attorney can look at the elements of your case to determine the kind of defense you need. Learn more about weapons crimes in Queens and New York City in the pages of our website.


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