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Concerns regarding Internet-facilitated sexual crimes

| Jan 6, 2016 | Sex Crimes |

With each passing day, millions of people throughout the country access the Internet. While this technology can do a lot of good for everybody, it has also brought forward a variety of concerns.

Many people are concerned that Internet-facilitated sexual crime has grown out of control. For this reason, law enforcement officials are beginning to crack down, often at the expense of people who are innocent.

There are many types of internet facilitated sexual crime, including:

— Possession, production, and/or distribution of child pornography

— Conspiracy crimes

— Sexual solicitation

Here is the problem: Anybody with access to the Internet can commit a sexual crime. In fact, this can even happen when people don’t realize what they are doing.

The Office of Justice Programs notes the following common characteristics of Internet offenders:

— One out of eight people had an official criminal record for contact sexual offending.

— Fifty-five percent admitted to having a history of contact sexual offending.

It is these types of statistics that have law enforcement worried. When you couple this with issues regarding surveillance, it is easy to see why this type of crime continues to receive so much attention.

There are times when law enforcement has good intentions, but end up making a mistake by charging an innocent person with an Internet-facilitated sexual crime. When this happens, the person’s life will be turned upside down and he or she will be faced with a court system that is not typically friendly to sexual offenders.

When individuals are charged with Internet facilitated sexual crimes they did not commit, they should immediately learn more about the charges as well as their legal rights.

Source: Office of Justice Programs, “Chapter 4: Internet-Facilitated Sexual Offending,” accessed Jan. 06, 2016


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