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How long will heroin stay in a person’s system?

| Dec 31, 2015 | Drug Charges |

After using heroin, even when the effects of the drug have worn off, it can still be detected by certain tests. Factors that contribute to how long it can be detected for include the amount that was taken, how often the person uses it, how long he or she has been using it for, and the person’s height, weight and metabolic rate.

There are four main places where heroine can be detected:

1. In hair follicles.

Heroin traces can be found in the hair for as long as three months. That makes this testing method quite popular since delays in testing will not skew the results.

2. In urine.

On of the most popular drug tests is the urine test, used by the authorities and by employers. However, heroin won’t be detectable for very long in urine. It is sometimes gone in under three hours, but it can last for 48 hours. This is for light use. For those who use frequently, it lasts longer, staying for up to a week.

3. In blood.

Blood tests are not thought of as very reliable, since heroin may be gone from the blood stream just six hours after use. However, they can be useful if used very quickly.

4. In saliva.

Like the blood test, the saliva test has to be given out quickly. After five hours, it may be impossible to detect heroin this way. Like a urine test, though, traces could be found for as long as two days. Again, larger dosages mean that it stays longer for heavy users.

If you’re facing drug charges after any of these tests in New York, you have the right to a fair trial.

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