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Arrest in ‘Scooter Joe’s’ murder case

| Dec 29, 2015 | Weapons Crimes |

It’s taken a nearly a year and a half, but New York City police officers have made and arrest in the murder of a Queens, New York, man found dead in Ozone Park.

On April 19, 2014, police responded to a call of a man lying in the street. The caller thought the man was unconscious. The responding emergency medical personnel ascertained that the man was not a victim of a car accident as the 911 caller had thought, but had been shot twice in the head. The 20-year-old man known as “Scooter Joe” was transported to Jamaica Hospital, but was declared dead upon arrival.

A deputy inspector with the 106th Precinct said that the man was known for “a little bit of a drug business.” Apparently, Scooter Joe would reportedly deliver marijuana after someone would call and place an order.

The man arrested for murder in the second degree was also charged with menacing and criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree. The police wouldn’t reveal much information about the 37-year-old man because, “The investigation is still ongoing.” However, the deputy inspector did say, “both the perpetrator and the victim are in the drug business.” and that others are still being sought in relation to the victim’s death.

It’s important for those charged with such serious crimes to begin developing their defense. While there may be some sort of plea bargain offered in such a case, it may not be one that is in a defendant’s best interests. An attorney can work to develop a defense for trial and provide other crucial advice.

Source:, “Cops Make Arrest In Murder Of ‘Scooter Joe’,” Jon Cronin, Dec. 23, 2015


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