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Suspect in Queens drug bust grabs for agent’s gun

| Nov 12, 2015 | Drug Charges |

An arrest is always bad, but all arrests are not created equal. Whether the incident ends in a routine booking at the police station or in another, far more tragic, way depends to a great degree on some very disparate factors.

In recent years, New York City has seen its share of suspects who died in police custody and on the streets of the city due to the brutality of individual officers in the New York City Police Department. It is hard to justify killing an unarmed man, yet time and again, this has been attempted, with varying degrees of success.

But there is one sure way to practically guarantee that an arrest is going south fast, and that is to grab for an officer’s gun. Such a scenario recently played out in Queens, and the fact that no one was shot is in itself noteworthy.

The Drug Enforcement Agency had conducted a sting operation to bust drug peddlers near JFK Airport at a Hampton Inn. Arrests were being made around 12 p.m. in the motel parking lot when one of the suspects lunged for an agent’s unholstered gun. A struggle ensued as the agent attempted to regain control of his firearm, and one shot was fired during the melee.

Fortunately, nobody was hit by the stray bullet. The officer soon regained control of his service weapon, which sources in law enforcement indicate was never fully in the suspect’s possession.

However, during the struggle, another suspect managed to escape custody and get away. The man who grabbed for the gun was arrested without further incident, and will be charged accordingly.

If you face arrest, it is incumbent upon you not to worsen your own situation and endanger your life. Submit to the arrest and calmly insist on speaking to your criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible time.

Source: New York Daily News, “Drug dealer tries to grab DEA agent’s gun during arrest in Queens as another dealer runs off: cops,” Thomas Tracy, Nov. 03, 2015


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