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Queens pharmacy robbed; man seen on tape pulling gun

| Sep 17, 2015 | Weapons Crimes |

There is no doubt that Queens, like practically every inhabited area of our nation, has a problem with drug abuse. The War on Drugs has done little to address the problem, focusing almost completely on prosecution and incarceration of those addicted to drugs.

The problem of addiction recently surfaced on a Thursday afternoon in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens. According to published reports, a pharmacy near 60th Lane on Myrtle Avenue was allegedly robbed of prescription drugs with a stated value of $7,500.

Video surveillance footage shows a man with a scruffy beard wearing a Yankees cap and a purple shirt with a vest over it approach the drug store counter. He appears to show something to the cashier, talking casually and making no attempt to hide his face. Suddenly, he produces a silver handgun and blue duffle bag. Allegedly, instructed the cashier to fill it up with medications.

According to the New York Daily News, the accused robber left with almost three dozen different pharmaceuticals, including morphine and oxycodone. No shots were fired and the cashier was unharmed.

Using a gun during the commission of a crime ups the ante quite a bit. The penalties and fines for a conviction are substantially more serious and much higher for those defendants. Because of this, a great many addicts who desperately need treatment for their addiction can instead wind up behind the bars of a New York prison for decades.

Those facing weapons charges in New York City may be able to negotiate a plea bargain for a reduction in their charges. The skills of a criminal defense attorney can be invaluable when someone is looking to go away for a long stretch of time.

Source: New York Daily News, “Man held up Queens pharmacy at gunpoint, made off with $7,500 worth of prescription drugs: cops,” Thomas Tracy, Sep. 11, 2015


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