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Domestic violence and weapons crimes

| Aug 13, 2015 | Weapons Crimes |

If a person is charged with domestic violence, it is going to turn his or her life upside down. Not only does the person have to be concerned about a conviction and subsequent punishment, but the charged individual must also realize that this will have an impact on one’s personal and professional life.

When domestic violence is combined with a weapons crime, such as threatening the other party with a gun, it can lead to an even more serious situation.

Most people who are charged with this type of crime are subjected to a restraining order, meaning that they are unable to visit their home. Furthermore, this may also mean the person is unable to visit his or her children for the meantime. And of course, in the event of a weapons crime, the person will be unable to possess or own a firearm.

If convicted of such a crime, a person can spend time in prison while also facing a hefty fine. This is in addition to the difficulties it will cause in one’s personal and work life, such as challenges associated with landing a job.

Domestic violence and weapons crimes often go together. If individuals are charged with one or both, they need to know their rights, what the future holds, and how they will be treated by the legal system.

Review our website for more information on this subject. We have many pages dedicated to these types of crimes. To get started, visit our “Queens Domestic Violence Lawyer” webpage. It is here that you will find many answers to all your questions.


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