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Are you familiar with marijuana cultivation laws?

| Aug 10, 2015 | Drug Charges |

The laws associated with buying, selling, and cultivating marijuana continue to change. Regardless of where you live, it is important to understand the state and federal laws associated with the manufacturing of this drug.

When it comes to charges and sentencing for marijuana cultivation, it is treated in a similar fashion to other Schedule I drugs.

Federal law states that the cultivation of 50 or fewer marijuana plants can result in a prison sentence up to five years. For 1,000 or more plants, the consequences are much more serious. This can lead to a life sentence.

There is some gray area with regard to marijuana cultivation, due in large part to the states, such as Colorado, that have legalized the recreational use of the drug. Even though it may be legal on a state level, it is not exempt from federal enforcement.

While there are some exceptions, keep this in mind as a rule of thumb: Drug cultivation and manufacturing is illegal on the state and federal level. Anybody who gets mixed up with this could be subjected to serious punishment, including many years in the prison system.

If a person is charged with this type of crime, one must understand the laws in the state, as well as how federal laws come into play. There can be some confusion, which puts the charged party in a difficult position.

Becoming familiar with marijuana cultivation laws and related crimes can help you better understand what is allowed in your state and how the federal government treats those who break the law.

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