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Information regarding drug paraphernalia

| Jul 15, 2015 | Drug Charges |

Like many, you may be familiar with the phrase “drug paraphernalia.” Just the same as many, you may not have a solid idea as to what qualifies as paraphernalia in the eyes of law enforcement.

In short, paraphernalia is a term used to describe any item related to the use of illegal drugs. Generally speaking, there are two categories of paraphernalia: items that are meant to take drugs and items that are meant to distribute drugs.

There are many types of drug paraphernalia. Here are some objects specifically noted to be drug paraphernalia by federal law:

— Pipes made of ceramic, stone, wood, glass or plastic.

— Water bongs and pipes.

— Roach clips.

— Freebase cocaine kits or other items used to smoke this drug.

— Miniature spoons.

There may be some gray area in regards to how law enforcement officers determine if an item is drug paraphernalia. They often do this by determining how the item would be used in the community.

In some cases, a person can defend him or herself against drug paraphernalia charges by proving that he or she had authorization to possess the item, such as for a legal use.

A drug paraphernalia charge is often associated with another, such as sale, trafficking or distribution.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug paraphernalia crime, you should turn your attention to learning more about your situation. There may be a defense that allows you to avoid trouble with the law. You can learn more about this by visiting our “Queens Drug Defense Lawyer” webpage.


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