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Drinking and driving arrest can lead to drug charges

| Jun 4, 2015 | Drug Charges |

The state of New York is serious about cracking down on drinking and driving. This behavior can cause serious injury or even death, often involving innocent people.

Anybody who is convicted of drinking and driving can face a large fine, time in prison and license suspension for a long period of time. Additionally, this can lead to insurance coverage being cancelled, or at the very least the person’s premium going through the roof.

When a person is pulled over by police for suspicion of drinking and driving, this may only be the beginning of the problem. This situation can lead to other issues, such as an arrest for a drug related offense.

Just because a person is pulled over for suspicion of drinking and driving doesn’t mean the officer will necessarily inspect the vehicle. If he or she has reason to do so, however, it could lead to an arrest for possession of a controlled substance.

A driving under the influence arrest is one thing. Adding a drug related charge to the situation can make your future even more challenging. This is why you need to have a solid grasp of the law, including what police are and are not allowed to do. You may find that you were treated in an illegal manner, such as when your vehicle was searched.

If a drinking and driving arrest leads to drug charges, you don’t want to delay in learning more about your situation and the punishments you are facing. Our “Queens DWI Defense Lawyer” webpage can provide you with valuable information.


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