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Are you familiar with these criminal appeal details?

| Jun 16, 2015 | Criminal Appeals |

If you are charged with a crime, you hope to be treated fairly when your day in court arrives. There are times when things don’t go your way in court, meaning that you will want to file an appeal in the future.

In short, an appeal is nothing more than a request that a higher court hears the case. It is the hope of the defendant, somebody who was found guilty, that the higher court will overturn the decision of the lower court.

While you may be familiar with the basics of a criminal appeal, here are two additional details to consider:

— Where is an appeal filed? Generally speaking, you are only allowed to appeal a decision with the next higher court. This depends on the type of crime you were convicted of.

— Is there a cost associated with filing a criminal appeal? It is a common misconception that it is expensive to file an appeal. This can be true in some cases, but not always.

Even before your day in court arrives, you may want to learn more about the criminal appeals process. You hope that everything works out the first time through the court system, but there is no guarantee that this will hold true. This is why you should know the ins and outs of filing an appeal. It is better to know your options up front, as this will allow you to avoid surprises in the future.

There are many details of the criminal appeals process, all of which are important to the person going through the legal system.

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