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Common ways credit card information is stolen

| May 21, 2015 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Credit card use is extremely common in today’s world. People continue to use plastic to make all types of purchases. For this reason, there will always be situations in which credit card theft occurs.

This type of theft is a serious crime. There are many ways that credit card information is stolen, including the following:

— Hacked at the point of purchase

— Processor breach

— Hacked online store

— Gas pump or ATM skimmer

— Lost or stolen credit card

— Employee who steals a person’s credit card information for fraudulent use

— Malware on a computer

All of these things can result in credit card data being stolen. Of course, some crimes are more serious than others.

For example, there is a big difference between hacking a processor and using a credit card that is found on the street. One crime could land a person in prison for an extended period while the other will not be treated nearly as seriously.

Furthermore, there are times in which a person is charged with credit card theft, however, he or she did not commit a crime. For instance, this could happen if a hacker takes over a person’s computer and uses it for illegal activity.

If a person is charged with credit card theft or any type of related crime, he or she should realize the seriousness of the situation. Any type of financially-related crime can result in prison time, hefty fines, and community service among other punishments. Being in this position calls for a better understanding of the crime and legal consequences.

Source: Krebs on Security, “How Was Your Credit Card Stolen?,” accessed May. 19, 2015


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