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7 Queens gang members charged in shooting of 2

| Apr 3, 2015 | Weapons Crimes |

According to a recent joint announcement by the New York City Police Department Commissioner and the Queens District Attorney, seven have been charged with shooting two rival gang members in January of 2013 in the city’s 113th Precinct.

Those charged are allegedly members of the Everybody Killas street gang, or EBK. While two of those charged remain at large, five have already been apprehended. The victims allegedly were part of the SNOW gang. As part of the rap music scene in Queens, SNOW supposedly stands for either “Swagger N—as Operate With” or “Showin’ N—as Our Worth.” Some reports indicate the gang also goes by the LOE moniker, for Loyalty Over Everything.

The men are accused of conspiracy to kill the two rivals. The first was shot in the midst of a crowded shopping district, and the second in a neighborhood delicatessen only a few hours later. The injured victims were treated for their injuries at local hospitals.

The casing from a spent shell was recovered by police at the scene of the first shooting. The gun was recovered at the second scene. Ballistics tests ruled that the weapon was used in both of the shootings.

Whenever police and prosecutors are able to tie weapons crimes to alleged gang members, it ups the ante for defendants considerably. Being labeled as “gangbangers” by the prosecution makes judges, juries and witnesses form negative opinions about them before the prosecution even begins its case.

If you are accused of being a gang member upon your arrest, your best option is to remain silent after asking to speak to a criminal defense attorney.

Source: Queens Chronicle, “Seven charged in alleged gang shoots,” April. 02, 2015


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