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Police: New York man arrested for possessing brass knuckles

| Jan 2, 2015 | Weapons Crimes |

A 32-year-old man from Brooklyn, New York, was recently arrested for what police say was possession of brass knuckles. However, the man says the two-finger ring was nothing more than a fashion accessory.

The man, who has been a photographer for Nordstrom Men’s and Reebok, said that he was approached in the subway by undercover officers. They questioned him about the ring, asking if he was aware that the ring could harm someone. The man said he replied, “Yes, but I can also hurt someone with my hand, or just my fist.”

The complaint filed by the officer says, “When I asked the defendant about the metal knuckles, he said in substance, ‘I know I could hurt someone with it.'”

The man was charged with a count of criminal possession of a weapon for having the ring and for criminal possession of a weapon for intent to use it unlawfully against another. He was released without having to post bail and is planning on fighting the charges. The Dallas & Dynasty ring was purchased for $30 at a flea market, the man said.

The officer who arrested the man was also sued in October 2013 for unlawful arrest on criminal possession of weapon. That man said that he had a gravity knife that he uses at his work as a chef. While the civil lawsuit continues, the criminal charges were downgraded to disorderly conduct.

Defendants who are charged with weapons crimes stand to have a serious mark on their criminal records if they are found guilty. An experienced New York criminal defense attorney can provide advice and guidance on how to proceed with a defense strategy.

Source:, “VIDEO: Photographer Arrested for 2-Finger Ring Police Say is Brass Knuckles” Heather Holland, Dec. 31, 2014


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