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The many details of gun crime charges

| Oct 20, 2014 | Weapons Crimes |

New York City has a high rate of crime, with many of these associated with weapons. Gun crime charges are not as cut and dry as they appear. In many cases, the person who has been arrested for such a crime has been treated in a manner inconsistent with one’s constitutional rights.

Any type of gun crime will be taken seriously, with severe penalties often imposed on those who are convicted. For this reason, it is important to know your rights, the laws, and what is at stake as your case moves forward.

There are many types of gun and weapons crimes, with some of the most common associated with:

— Licensing violations

— Illegal possession

— Illegal use

— Illegal use against another party

— The illegal sale of weapons

Many gun and weapons crime charges come about when a police officer searches a person’s vehicle or home. However, the officer may not be permitted to do so. For example, to stop a vehicle the officer must have cause for doing so. There are times when police act in an illegal manner, meaning that any evidence that has been collected could be excluded in court.

There are many details associated with gun crime charges, including the fact that police do not always act in a legal manner. If people are arrested for this type of crime, they need to learn more about their rights and whether they were mistreated. You can get started with your search for more information by reviewing our website, paying close attention to the pages on weapon crimes.


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