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Queens man faces weapons, attempted murder charges

| Oct 3, 2014 | Weapons Crimes |

On Sept. 25, a 30-year-old livery cabby picked up a fare in Brooklyn at Hemlock Street and Jamaica Avenue. Police reports indicate that the man asked the driver to take him to a Ridgewood address on 60th Street in Queens.

When the driver approached 70th Avenue, something sparked an argument between him and his fare. The passenger subsequently attacked the livery cab driver, stabbing him seven times in the hands, arm and torso.

After the near-fatal attack, the passenger stole the driver’s cab and left him bleeding in the street. Allegedly, he then abandoned the car full of the driver’s blood at a nearby bus stop. At a later point, the cab was ticketed, yet never examined or the blood spotted.

The driver was found by a passerby. He was treated at a local hospital for serious injuries, including a punctured liver. He was listed in critical but stable condition.

His attacker was arrested at a Queens hospital after a guard noticed him. He was charged with multiple felonies, including illegal possession of a weapon, robbery, attempted murder, assault and grand larceny auto. His reason for being at the hospital is unknown.

Prior to attacking the cab driver, police accuse the man of using a knife to rob a grocery store.

The Federation of Taxi Drivers had praise for the New York Police Department for quickly arresting the alleged attacker, saying, “The message that we’re sending out there today is that is you commit a crime against a cab driver you will be caught.”

The cab driver’s union urges action to ensure drivers’ safety around the five boroughs, supporting programs that would put police behind the wheel of livery cabs.

Anyone facing such serious charges should avail him- or herself of legal assistance from a criminal defense attorney in order to present a strong defense, thereby having a better chance at an outcome in the case that is positive.

Source: WLNY-TV, “Queens Man Accused Of Stabbing Livery Cab Driver Arrested” Sep. 30, 2014


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