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What are the basic elements of robbery?

| Sep 12, 2014 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Robbery is a common crime in and around New York City. Even when people know they are doing the wrong thing by robbing another person, they often times move forward against their better judgment.

State laws for robbery in New York are not exactly the same as other states; however, there are basic elements of this crime that remain pretty much the same from one state to the next. This crime typically consists of the following:

— Taking the personal property of another party with the intent to steal– Committing this act against the will of the other party– Using intimidation, threats, violence or force to commit the crime

Despite the fact that robbery is a state crime, with each state having its own laws, there are some types that break federal law. For example, a bank robbery is known as a federal crime. The federal government is also able to step in if a robbery impacts interstate commerce, such as robbing a truck that is transporting product from state to state.

Knowing the basic elements of robbery is often enough to scare a person away from ever considering this crime. At the same time, anybody who has been accused of robbery needs to know how this is determined in his or her state, as well as the consequences of taking part in such an activity.

While someone charged with robbery can learn a lot on his or her own, a criminal law attorney can provide guidance, advice and counsel to ensure a fair legal process.

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