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Shootings down in New York City, initiative is working

| Aug 17, 2014 | Weapons Crimes |

It is no surprise to many people, particularly those living in New York City, that gun crime remains a major problem throughout the area. Even though it is impossible to cut back on all weapons crime, including shootings, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is doing his part in making things better.

The New York Police Department’s Summer All Out initiative has been a success so far, with many areas of the Bronx and Brooklyn experiencing a 25 percent decrease in the number of shootings.

The initiative took the simple approach of taking officers who were on desk duty and putting them back in the streets. With more than 300 additional police officers on the streets, the initiative, which started on July 7, has been successful.

Shootings in the 10 precincts that were targeted decreased from 83 during the five-year period before the initiative to 62 after more officers were added.

Despite the fact that this five-year decrease is good news for the city as a whole, as well as the New York Police Department, shootings throughout the Big Apple have still increased 11.7 percent for the year. Bratton is still happy with the progress, saying, “The number of shootings we have is still the second lowest level in the city’s history.

Gun crime will always be a problem in New York City, with some people making the mistake of using a weapon the wrong way. Anybody who ends up in trouble with the law, due to a weapons crime will be faced with the legal system. The help of an attorney can make the process easier to understand.

Source: New York Daily News, “NYPD’s summer crime-fighting initiative working as more community cops leads to 25% drop in shootings” Jenna O’Donnell, Aug. 13, 2014


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