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Queens man faces carjacking, weapons charges

| Jul 25, 2014 | Weapons Crimes |

A man from Queens will be charged with carjacking and other offenses after a recent incident that began when he allegedly forced a 64-year-old man from his vehicle at approximately 5:30 p.m. on a recent Saturday.

The man drew a gun on the driver and made him get out at Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue, according to the New York City Police Department. Once behind the wheel, he then allegedly hit a 75-year-old pedestrian. The injured senior citizen was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive.

By the corner of St. John’s Place and Kingston Avenue, the accused carjacker reportedly struck a parked Mercedes. A 22-year-old man inside the Mercedes got out to confront the man, and the driver allegedly shot at him.

His crime spree not yet over, he then reportedly carjacked yet another driver in the vicinity before wrecking the vehicle near the intersection of Rogers Avenue and Sterling Place. Although the man allegedly attempted to blend into the crowd of people that quickly formed after the accident, police soon apprehended him and took him into custody.

New York City prosecutors and judges tend to crack down harshly on those accused of gun crimes. Sometimes defendants commit their crimes out of the desperation addiction and withdrawal bring on. Others may be fleeing another crime scene or may even be struggling with mental issues that cause them to act out with violence toward others. Regardless of the circumstances that led to the alleged illegal acts, once arrested, it’s always a good idea to work closely with one’s defense attorney through all phases of the legal proceedings.

Source: NY1 News, “Man Accused of Carjacking At Least Two Drivers, Hitting Pedestrian in Brooklyn” Jul. 20, 2014


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