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Former New York City cop convicted of robbery

| Jul 13, 2014 | Weapons Crimes |

Sometimes even people who know the law inside and out make the mistake of committing a crime, such as robbery. After a two-week trial came to an end, a federal jury in New York convicted a former New York City police officer of narcotics distribution conspiracy and armed robbery conspiracy.

For 17 years, the man worked for the New York City Police Department. It was during his time with the 28th Precinct that he committed the robberies that led him to trouble with the law.

Many of the robberies or attempted crimes were committed while the officer was on duty and wearing his police uniform, which to many people makes the crime even worse.

The United States attorney prosecuting the defendant said, that he “dishonored his badge and his uniform when he crossed the line from cop to robber. [He] and his crew targeted drug dealers, not to bring them to justice, but to steal their narcotics for their own profit. In the process, innocent citizens were terrorized and threatened.”

This defendant is the third NYPD officer to be convicted in recent cases involving drug robbery crews. In some cases, criminals impersonated police, but some crimes were committed by real police officers.

It is hard for many to imagine a police officer making this type of mistake. However, no matter who you are, regardless of your career choice or standing in life, there could come a time when you make a mistake and face legal consequences as a result. This officer was given his day in court and the opportunity to explain his side of the story.

Source:, “Former New York City Police Officer Convicted of Armed Robbery and Drug Trafficking Charges,” June 21, 2014


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