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Five people arrested on drug crime charges

| Jul 19, 2014 | Drug Charges |

Drug crime is a major problem throughout the United States, with many people in New York realizing that it continues to grow. Even when people do their best to stay away from this type of crime, there are times when they are sucked in for one reason or another.

After a four month long investigation, five people from the Cohoes area have been arrested in connection with drug crime.

According to investigators, neighborhood watch groups, along with investigation surveillance, allowed authorities to close in on the organization that was running the drug ring.

Police noted that a 26-year-old man from Cohoes was the head of the operation. He used other people to transport the illegal drugs throughout the area.

Along with this man, four others were arrested, including a 57-year-old man and three women, ages 26, 34 and 37. All five of the defendants are charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance.

After police closed in, four of the suspects were taken to Albany County Jail where they are being held without bail. One of the defendants was able to escape the area and headed to New York City. However, he was later caught by authorities and will be taken back to Albany in the near future.

This type of drug crime is common throughout the United States, with many people making a bad life decision. When this happens, the people involved are often caught and arrested. Having a strong advocate on their side in court can sometimes make the difference between probation with rehabilitation and a prison sentence.

Source: WRGB, “5 arrested on drug charges in Cohoes” Jul. 10, 2014


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