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Shootings in New York spark gun buyback program

| Jun 11, 2014 | Weapons Crimes |

There have been a number of recent violent shootings in New York. In order to address the problem, another program to buy back guns has been started. This is also perfect timing for this event, seeing as how it falls during Anti-Gun Violence Awareness Month.

The program gives people a chance to get rid of guns that they may not be able to sell in any other fashion. The authorities have said that they will not ask any questions when someone wants to turn in a weapon. They will also be happy to give them as much as $200 per gun. The money will be provided on a bank card.

Some of the shootings in the area have resulted in deaths, and they have often been about things that would normally be considered minor. For example, one man was shot in his leg and he later passed away from the injury. The shooting occurred when he and someone else were arguing over who would be able to use a parking space.

Another buyback program happened a year ago. That one was started after a young girl, who was only 14 years old, was shot and killed.

Reports indicate that it is not only people who live in the city who come to these events. It has been said that some hunters will come in for the buyback programs to sell off their hunting rifles. Still, the program is in response to violence, hoping to get guns off of the streets.

It is very important for those who may have illegally-obtained guns to know about these programs. While they could be charged with illegal possession of a weapon for selling it in another fashion, this is a way to do it without breaking the law.

Source: New York Daily News, “Gun buyback program set for Jamaica this Saturday after several shootings” Jill Castellano, Jun. 05, 2014


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