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Alleged New York City ‘Gatsby Bandit’ bank robber arrested

| Jun 20, 2014 | Theft & Property Crimes |

New York City is well-known for a high level of crime, including bank robberies and burglary. While some people get away with this crime and are never caught, most are arrested sooner rather than later, giving them the chance to explain their side of the story and hopefully get their life back on track.

According to authorities, a man suspected in a series of Big Apple bank robberies was recently arrested. The 48-year-old man, known as the “Gatsby Bandit” because of the Gatsby hat he wore, was taken into custody by police during the early morning hours.

At this time, it is believed he is facing charges of a single count of bank robbery related to a May 27 incident at a financial institution in Manhattan.

While he has not yet been charged for any other robberies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has said he is a suspect in two other incidents. They also believe that he was armed during at least one of the three robberies, which could add to his list of charges.

Every year throughout New York City, many people make the mistake of robbing another person or a business for one reason or another. Some do it because they are short on money, while others think that it is the easiest way to fit in with a particular crowd. While this is wrong, regardless of the reason, the person who is accused has the right to their day in court. From there, the legal system will play out to decide the defendant’s future.

Source: The Leader-Herald, “Authorities: NYC bank robber arrested” No author given, Jun. 05, 2014


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