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State of New York hopes to reduce gun crime with program

| May 7, 2014 | Weapons Crimes |

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo realizes that gun crime is a major problem throughout the state. To help fight against this, Cuomo announced a $13.2 million state program with the hope that it will reduce gun violence.

Known as Gun Involved Violence Elimination, the program will work with counties to help reduce the number of weapons related crimes in New York. Cuomo said, “Through the GIVE initiative, we are partnering with local law enforcement agencies to address the causes of violent crime, reduce shootings and bring offenders to justice. This funding will help ensure safer communities for millions of New Yorkers and I am proud to be supporting the men and women who work to keep our streets safe.”

It is easy to believe that gun crime is only an issue in New York City, but nothing could be further from the truth. This program will provide assistance to law enforcement agencies in counties outside the Big Apple.

The program will focus on a variety of issues, including assisting police in targeting gang activity, patrolling neighborhoods with high crime, and community outreach.

The money will be spent on things such additional training and equipment, as well as overtime costs incurred by departments taking part in the program.

Much the same as many states throughout the country, New York is dealing with gun crime and related violence. This holds true in New York City, as well as a number of far reaching counties. Even though most people realize that gun crime is against the law, some fall into this trap and need to turn their life around as soon as possible.

Source: The Legislative Gazette, “State awards $13.2M to help reduce gun violence” Matthew Dondiego, May. 05, 2014


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