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New York state officials plan for heroin overdoses

| Apr 9, 2014 | Drug Charges |

There is no denying the fact that drug crime is a big problem in New York, as well as every other state throughout the country. Despite the best efforts of law enforcement officials, there is no way of putting a complete stop to this problem.

As deaths from heroin continue to increase throughout New York, state officials have stepped in with a new strategy. They plan on equipping police with an antidote that can reverse the effects of an overdose, which could go a long way in helping save many lives.

With the Community Overdose Prevention program in place, both state and local law enforcement officials will be able to carry naloxone, a drug that can block opioid receptors in the brain.

The New York Attorney General is excited about what this can do, saying, “Putting this powerful antidote in the hands of every law enforcement agent in the state will save countless lives. It brings the victim back from the brink of death and buys more time to get to a hospital.”

This does not mean that law enforcement officials are giving up on fighting against drug crime. That being said, they realize that this is something that could help save the lives of those who make a poor decision.

There is no way to completely put a stop to heroin use, regardless of the location. With this in mind, law enforcement officials in New York are doing whatever they can to curb the problem while also helping those who find themselves overdosed and facing a life threatening situation.

Source: CBS New York, “Seized Crime Money To Fund Heroin Antidote Program In New York” No author given, Apr. 03, 2014


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