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Suspect arrested in relation to NYC robberies

| Jan 17, 2014 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Regardless of where you live, in a big city like New York or a smaller town, you never know when a robbery or burglary is going to take place.

Our New York City readers are all too familiar with robbery, as this is one of the most common crimes in and around the Big Apple. Recently, New York City police have arrested a man who shot a woman during an attempted robbery in June 2013.

According to police, the suspect approached the victim on Staten Island last June. After demanding money and not receiving it in return, the man decided to shoot the woman in the face. As a result of the shooting, the woman was taken to a local hospital in stable condition. Fortunately, she was not killed as a result of the incident.

As if this one robbery is not bad enough, police noted that the man was also arrested in connection with five other incidents that have taken place on Staten Island this month.

Street crime, such as robbery and burglary, is common in New York City. Police do their best to protect residents against this, however, it is impossible to put an end to it entirely. This has been a part of local culture for many years, and this continues to hold true.

Being charged with robbery or burglary is a big deal, as this could land the suspect in prison for an extended period of time. A criminal law attorney can assist those who find him or herself in this position by protecting their rights.

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