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Man wanted for sex crimes apprehended on Long Island

| Jan 10, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

Regardless of the state, number of people involve, or the extent of the act, a sex crime should always be taken seriously. Police will continue to search for those accused of such a crime until he or she is taken into custody.

A recent story involving a North Carolina man will be of great interest to people in that state, as well as New York. The 36-year-old man, who was wanted on three open warrants for sex crimes, was recently arrested on Long Island.

According to Nassau County police, the U.S. Marshalls and fugitive squad investigators arrested him in a local home. He was wanted on warrants for indecent liberties with a child, statutory rape and sex offense-parental role.

At this time, there is no information as to how long the man was wanted by the authorities. However, a spokesperson for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said he was accused of sexually assaulting a child in a Nov. 15, 2011 complaint.

The man was taken into custody, and at the time of his arrest, it was unclear whether or not he had an attorney.

A sex crime, such as rape or molestation, will almost always draw attention from law enforcement. This holds true in all states throughout the country. In this instance, the man was from North Carolina, but authorities tracked him to New York to make an arrest. However, an arrest does not prove a person’s guilt.

Being accused of a sex crime is serious. Anyone charged with such crimes may want consult with an experienced criminal law attorney who can provide guidance, as well as protecting his or her rights throughout the criminal court process.

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