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New York police officers quit force atfer rape charges

The New York Police Department has two fewer officers in its ranks. The officers, who are facing charges of the recent alleged rape of an 18-year-old woman, quit their jobs days before an internal trial that usually takes place and the completion of criminal proceedings. The New York department broke with precedent in this instance, choosing to hold an internal trial beforehand. 

The accused officers were knocked down from their ranks as detective after they were indicted for the alleged sex crime. The NYPD did not indicate the reasoning behind the resignation of the two men. They did say, however, that if one of their ranks faces serious criminal charges and is found guilty, he or she would be immediately fired.

6 New York residents arrested on drug crime charges

A recent raid on a Long Island home resulted in the arrests of six people. Police seized a number of drugs, including cocaine and $60,000 in cash. Police had four search warrants to try to nab the suspects in connection with the alleged New York drug crime. The arrests came after a lengthy narcotics investigation. 

A couple living in one of the homes -- a 46-year-old male and a 51-year-old female -- allegedly had more than 2 pounds of cocaine, 70 grams of crack cocaine and more than 300 grams of cannabis, on the premises. In addition, police apparently found prescription medication like Xanax and oxycodone. Multiple vehicles were also seized. The home was directly across from an elementary school.

Dabs aren't covered by marijuana decriminalization

Laws about marijuana are in a state of flux around the country. More states legalize both recreational and medicinal use every year, while municipalities decriminalize possession. New York is one of those local authorities that has taken steps to decriminalize marijuana. Those who regularly use this plant need to understand, however, that decriminalization only protects those using natural state marijuana.

At the same time that more places and governments are legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana, more people who use the plant are turning to concentrated forms, such as butane hash oil (BHO), also called dabs, wax or shatter. The possession of marijuana concentrates is not included in local decriminalization policies, meaning that those caught in possession of concentrates still face criminal penalties.

New York marijuana drug ring nipped in the bud: 10 arrested

Ten people are facing charges over a million-dollar drug ring. The drug charges stem from a ring allegedly operating out of the Bronx. Police said the suspects had been under surveillance during the time they allegedly sold more than 6,500 pounds of marijuana with a street value of about $22 million. The time frame, cops said, was between March 2016 to October 2017.

Apartment searches apparently also yielded guns and ammo, kilos of cocaine and thousands in cash. The suspects were arrested in multiple raids as a part of Operation Green Giant. The marijuana apparently made its way around the United States, coming back to New York with the profit laundered to California. Arrests took place at 12 area locations in the Bronx, which allegedly served as stash homes for not only drugs, but weapons and money.

New York woman charged with robbery while baby sleeps in car

A Long Island woman is accused of robbing a bank while her 10-month-old baby boy snoozed in the get-away car. The 20-year-old New York resident was arrested and charged with third-degree robbery and endangering a child's welfare during a recent early-morning bank holdup, according to Suffolk County Police. They say she left her baby in the car while she handed a note to a teller demanding cash.

The teller gave her the money, and she and her baby son allegedly made their getaway with an undisclosed amount of cash. Witnesses got a good look at her car, which led police to find her on a local road a brief while later. She was apprehended and was arrested. Suffolk County Child Protective Services were called about the infant. Police said he was given to family members.

New York robbery victim chases suspects with Nunchucks

Police are looking for some well-dressed robbers who left a man in critical condition and his son with injuries. The mid-morning robbery in Queens occurred at the victim's store. Neighbors, many of whom went outside after hearing a big bang, saw the New York wholesale business owner with a gun shot to his head.

The man's injured son ran after the robbers with what witnesses say looked like nunchucks, managing to kick one of the suspects as the trio got away. The son was apparently struck in the head by one of the assailant's guns. He received a deep cut above his eyebrow. However, he was able to get the gun's magazine from the suspect. A surveillance video shows three men dressed in suits getting into a black car.   

Jury selection starts for rape trial of Nicki Minaj's brother

Jury selection is set to start for the rape trial of Nicki Minaj's brother, Jelani Maraj. The 38-year-old New York rapper is charged with the first-degree rape of a 12-year-old. He is also charged with first-degree sexual conduct. Maraj has pleaded not guilty. He could face life in prison if he is convicted of the highest charge.

Maraj's attorney said the charges are based on lies and that there is a motive behind those lies, but he did not get into the details. At the prosecution's request, a Supreme Court justice recently dropped a felony charge Maraj was also facing. A pretrial hearing revealed that Maraj's alleged DNA showed up in the groin area on pyjama pants which will be part of the evidence in the upcoming trial. Nicki Minaj, who is said to be supporting her brother, may attend part of the trial.

17 arrests made in large New York drug crime scene

Seventeen people were arrested on drug charges for operating a drug ring that transported heroin and cocaine on airplanes from a western state to New York. According to prosecutors, the drug crime pumped the drugs through Kennedy International Airport. From there, drugs went to major dealers not only in New York but also to other major cities in the United States.

Apparently, the drug ring was operated by a Long Island family. The ring leader is facing 25 years to life in prison. Seized in the raid, according to law enforcement, were 4 ounces or heroin, 5.5 kilograms of cocaine and $190,000 in cash. In addition, there were two guns which were said to have been defaced, kilogram presses, packing equipment, a BMW, a Porsche, a Mercedes, money counters and an expensive watch. The men and women arrested range in ages from 27 to 42, and they all face serious charges in connection with drug trafficking and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

New York brothers facing drug possession charges

Two New York brothers are facing a number of charges after police recently stopped their vehicle for running a red light. The men, ages 29 and 32, have been charged with drug possession and a number of other felonies after police searched their vehicle and found pills and marijuana on board. Police said they made the search after talking with the pair and finding their behavior suspicious.

The younger male was charged with two counts of possession of legend drug (level 6 felonies) and driving while intoxicated, which is a Class C misdemeanor. He was the driver. The other male was charged with two counts of possession of legend drug (level 6 felonies) and possession of marijuana, a class A misdemeanor.

Do you know the details of an aggravated assault?

Aggravated assault is a serious crime that can carry an accordingly serious penalty as the result of a conviction.

Some of the many factors that can elevate an assault to an aggravated assault include: the use of a weapon, the victim, the intent and the type of injuries suffered by the victim.

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