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Drug possession penalties are serious: Protect yourself in court

If you're facing any type of drug possession charge, you shouldn't hesitate to learn more about your legal rights and the steps you can take to protect yourself. Regardless of what happened in the past, you must do whatever it takes to avoid the most serious punishment in the future.

Anyone convicted of drug possession charges faces a variety of penalties, with these varying based on the crime itself and the state in which it occurred.

Drug crime charges filed against man in New York

A man in Westbrook is facing serious charges following an incident with police recently, according to local news sources. The New York man has been charged with a drug crime after it was suggested he was involved in trafficking narcotics. He is being held in a local jail ahead of a trial appearance, which has yet to be confirmed by authorities. 

According to police, the 32-year-old man was involved in an incident with authorities that suggested he was trafficking cocaine and other drugs. The details of the alleged event were not reported by police, but it has been confirmed that the man was transferred to a local jail in Cumberland County ahead of a potential trial appearance. It does not appear the man has posted bail. 

3 arrested in New York on suspicion of drug crime

Three people were arrested by police in Salamanca on the evening of Aug. 30, following an investigation by several local law enforcement agencies. New York officials in Salamanca and Cattaraugus, along with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force, conducted the operation that resulted in the arrests. A 27-year-old woman and two men, aged 31 and 23, all face drug crime charges.

Details of the operation were not included in the report, other than to confirm that a search warrant for a private residence was served at approximately 9:08 p.m. the night in question. Members of the task force say they found 16 grams of what they believe to be fentanyl, which would be valued at $1,600 on the street. They also believe they found two grams of methamphetamine, as well as scales and other paraphernalia.

3 charged with grand larceny at Victoria's Secret

Shoplifting and theft are common, and retail stores often include a margin of loss to account for thievery. However, business owners also work to discourage theft by prosecuting anyone who is caught stealing from their stores. For example, three women stand accused of grand larceny after police say they took merchandise from a lingerie store.

Employees at Victoria's Secret at a New York mall reported the theft of over $2,000 worth of merchandise on a recent Sunday. Police located a vehicle that matched the description provided by the employees. According to reports, while performing a traffic stop, officers discovered the missing merchandise in addition to items allegedly taken from other retail establishments. Officers arrested the women although one is said to have provided a false name and statement when police questioned her.

Drug trafficking investigation leads to 16 arrests

When the drug trade is normally prolific in a New York resort area, business typically picks up during summer months when visitors and tourists come. Out for a good time, vacationers may seek entertainment and thrills beyond beaches and fishing. Residents of these areas become frustrated with the upturn in trafficking and the crime that typically follows it. Recently, a popular destination became the scene of police action that broke up an alleged drug ring.

Montauk residents have long complained about the increase in drug dealing during the summer when seasonal workers and tourists descend on their corner of the world. Police took action this summer and launched an investigation focusing on numerous eating establishments. The operation culminated with the arrests of 16 temporary employees working at various restaurants and pubs in the area.

Gun laws, safety tips and protecting your rights

Thanks to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Americans have the right to keep and bear arms. While this is true, it's important to realize that there are a variety of federal and state gun laws in place that govern what you can and can't do.

For example, the National Firearms Act places restrictions on the sale and use of many types of guns, such as machine guns and short-barreled shotguns.

Billionaire faces drug trafficking charges

The head of a prominent tech company and a former heir to the Wells Fargo fortune are facing serious charges after allegedly being caught with drugs. New York residents may be familiar with Henry T. Nicholas III, who is the owner and CEO of Broadcom Corporation. Together with Ashley Fargo, ex-wife of Brian Fargo of Wells Fargo fame, the billionaire faces drug trafficking charges. Nicholas has retained criminal defense representation, though it is unclear if Fargo has done the same. 

According to records obtained by state police in Nevada, Nicholas was unable to enter his hotel room on Aug. 7, so local security assisted him in accessing the room. They say they found Fargo inside, unconscious with a partially deflated balloon in her mouth. While paramedics worked to revive her, security conducted a sweep of the room. Allegedly, they turned up canisters of nitrous oxide, prompting a call to local police. 

NASCAR CEO faces drug crime charges

The head of a popular sports organization is facing serious charges after a routine traffic stop, according to local sources. NASCAR CEO Brian France is facing drug crime and DUI charges after being stopped by New York police on Aug. 5. If he is found guilty, he could face jail time, fines, and possibly the loss of his position in the NASCAR hierarchy.

Police say France was observed driving through a marked stop sign, whereupon he was pulled over by officers on the scene. Those officers determined that he was intoxicated, though they did not provide details explaining why they held this belief. They conducted a search of his person which revealed several pills believed to be oxycodone. A subsequent blood test allegedly revealed France had a blood alcohol level of nearly .16, double the legal maximum of .08.

Three face drug crime charges in New York

The Steuben County Sheriff's Office Drug Interdiction Team has reported they have arrested three people for suspected drug offenses. All three individuals are New York state residents, and all are facing drug crime charges. If they are found guilty, they could all see jail time commensurate with the severity of the charges filed against them.

According to the county sheriff, deputies arrested three people on July 19 after a routine traffic stop took place on State Route 54 in Bath. Police say they stopped the vehicle because of an equipment violation, but further investigation led to a search of the vehicle. It is unclear what prompted officers on the scene to initiate the search, as no mention of their reasoning was made in the report.

Couple in New York face drug crime and other charges

Two people are in legal trouble following a traffic stop on Interstate 190 in Buffalo. New York State Police say they apprehended the duo after observing a traffic violation. The couple now face several charges for a drug crime, DUI and criminal weapons possession. It is not clear whether they have been released on bail at this time or if they remain in custody ahead of a trial date.

According to the report filed by state troopers, the 22-year-old woman and her 25-year-old male passenger were pulled over around 11:30 p.m. for an observed traffic violation. For reasons that were not articulated in the report, this led to a search of the car and a roadside sobriety test conducted on the driver. Police say the woman had a blood alcohol level of .08 percent, technically the legal threshold in New York state.

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