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Brooklyn Burglary Attorney

It is essential to have an experienced lawyer to defend against burglary or robbery charges and to minimize the consequences of any potential conviction. Like many other serious crimes, convictions for robbery and burglary often carry long prison sentences, and they may disqualify a person from present or future employment. Only an attorney who knows the law and the available defenses, and who has successfully defended other persons in similar circumstances, is qualified to handle these serious cases.

At the Law Office of Robert D. DiDio & Associates, we have been handling robbery and burglary cases for over twenty years. Because Mr. DiDio is a former Assistant District Attorney, he has first-hand knowledge of the ways in which prosecutors and police handle these cases, and he knows how to challenge their methods at every stage of the prosecution. We are aggressive yet careful, and we tailor every defense to the unique needs of our individual clients.

Our New York Burglary and Robbery Defense Practice

At our Law Office, we handle all matters including the following:

  • Robbery, which is generally defined as the taking of property from another with force or with the threat of force
  • Burglary, which is the entering of a building or dwelling without authorization and with the intent to commit a crime

We represent adults, youthful offenders, and juveniles who have been charged as adults. We focus on identifying constitutional violations and suppressing illegally obtained evidence, we know when to plea-bargain and when to take a case to trial, and we guide our clients and their families every step of the way. Please review our client testimonials and in the news pages to learn more about the successful outcomes we have obtained for clients charged with burglary and robbery offenses.

We also handle all matters related to criminal appeals.

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We offer a free initial office consultation to every client. To schedule an appointment with Mr. DiDio, an experienced Queens robbery defense attorney, contact our office online or call us at 917-300-0984 (toll free at ). We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take phone calls. We welcome credit cards and can arrange payment plans, when necessary.

¿Se habla español? La oficina de la ley de Robert DiDio tiene el personal de habla hispano para ayudar al cliente con asuntos de defensa criminal y apelaciones.