Eavesdropping, Wiretaps And Search Warrant Issues

The law has boundaries meant to protect individuals. When authorities overstep these lines, it is important to bring these issues to light because it can easily change the outcome of the case and because law enforcement need to be held to strict standards for the public's protection.

At Robert D. DiDio & Associates, we are unique in that we place a special focus on identifying violations of constitutional rights, especially Fourth Amendment procedural matters such as illegal search and seizures. This includes when police eavesdrop, wiretap or use other means to obtain information without a valid search warrant or overstep the authority granted to them. Our Queens search and seizure violation attorneys also handle challenges involving law enforcement using these methods for the purposes of gathering information about one type of criminal offense, but then use other details that emerge in the warrant application to charge someone with other crimes.

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We Know How To Fight Wiretaps And Illegal Searches

Not only do we carefully examine issues such as whether there was probable cause for a search, seizure or arrest, but we also know how to raise issues during trial and appeals on the state and federal court levels regarding:

  • Whether a client was properly advised of his or her rights before making a statement where wiretapping or eavesdropping happened at the location
  • If evidence was illegally recovered from a client that came from an illegal wiretap, eavesdropping or tracking device
  • Whether the prosecutor is withholding exculpatory information from the defense that came about as a result of eavesdropping, wiretapping or other means used by law enforcement

Mr. DiDio is a former Assistant District Attorney in Queens County and this experience means he understands prosecutorial strategies. He knows how to uncover procedural errors and misconduct by the police and prosecutors. He is never afraid to litigate these issues and — when necessary — call a prosecutor's bluff. He has successfully pursued suppression and exclusion motions when police overstep the limits that a warrant grants or use these techniques without obtaining a valid warrant.

Discuss Your Rights With A Skilled Attorney

We offer a free initial in-office consultation to every client so we can discuss your case and what Fourth Amendment issues might be relevant if you believe you are under investigation or have already been charged.

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