Domestic Violence

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can be severe, and can affect the lives of individuals and their families for years to come. In addition to potential fines and time in prison, a person charged with domestic violence is generally subject to a restraining order, excluding him from his home and preventing him from having unsupervised access to his children. The person may also lose the right to own or possess firearms or other weapons, if convicted.

Experienced Defenders Of Domestic Violence Charges

At Robert D. DiDio & Associates, we have over three decades of experience handling domestic violence cases. Mr. DiDio is a former Assistant District Attorney and has a keen understanding of the ways prosecutors prepare these cases for trial. He knows how to identify and counter their strategies.

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We have built our New York practice on a commitment to personal service and professional excellence. We take the time to learn the sensitive details of every case, and we provide our clients with a realistic sense of our likelihood of success at trial. Because of our reputation for aggressive and effective counsel, many of our new cases come to us as referrals. We encourage prospective clients to review our client testimonials.

We Investigate Cases Thoroughly

Our Queens domestic violence attorney provides representation to individuals who have been charged with domestic violence or abuse, carefully and zealously. We know from experience that an accuser's allegations of domestic abuse often mask an ulterior motive, from a desire to punish an ex-lover or spouse, to an attempt to gain an advantage in a divorce or family law proceeding.

With this in mind, we conduct thorough investigations of the facts and circumstances of every case, looking for evidence that suggests reasons for fabrication or that may otherwise diminish the credibility of the accuser. We also understand the sensitive nature of many of these cases, the ways in which these prosecutions affect children and the emotional damage they often cause.

Available For Our Clients 24/7

We are always available to answer the questions of our clients. We give each case the personal attention it deserves. Our experience has taught us that many of these charges are often dismissed or resolved without criminal convictions. We are prepared to file all necessary documents to protect our clients' interests and to advocate for our clients in all hearings or proceedings.

Please review our client testimonials and in the news pages to learn more about the successful outcomes our law office has obtained for clients charged with domestic violence offenses.

We also handle all matters related to criminal appeals.

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