New York State DWI FAQ

The state of New York takes drinking and driving very seriously. You could be facing fines, loss of license and possibly jail time. At Robert D. DiDio & Associates, we have been defending people against DWI charges in Queens for over 30 years. Our lawyers take an aggressive approach, and look to see if the stop was legal and all police procedure was followed. Below, we have compiled answers for a list DWI frequently asked questions.

Q: Do I have to take a Breathalyzer test?

A: New York is an implied consent state, meaning if you refuse to take a Breathalyzer test, you could be facing serious consequences. If you refuse, you will face a year's license suspension and a $300 fine.

Q: Will I lose my license after my first DWI?

A: Typically, after your first offense you could have your license suspended and face up to $500 fine. You may also be required to use an ignition interlock device.

Q: Why was I charged with an aggravated DWI?

A: An aggravated DWI means your blood alcohol level was higher than .18. The penalties for an aggravated DWI are more severe, and you may face up to a year in jail for your first offense.

Q: What is a DWAI?

A: A DWAI is a lesser penalty compared to a DWI. This means you were less impaired than a typical DWI, and the penalties are lesser, including a 90-day license suspension for a first offense.

Q: Does New York have a zero-tolerance law?

A: Yes. For anyone under 21, a .02 BAC or higher will result in a DWI charge.

Q: Do I need to hire a lawyer if I get a DWI?

A: Having a DWI lawyer by your side can help your case. A lawyer will make sure all police procedure was followed and can advocate for alternative penalties. A DWI can lead to serious consequences.

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