Joe Lobosco

Joe Lobosco

Kew Gardens, New York
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Joe has extensive experience as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, having practiced criminal law for almost 30 years.  He started his career at the Queens County District Attorney's Office, where he spent 11 years in the Organized Crime and Rackets Bureau.  During that time, he supervised several long-term investigations for which he wrote and litigated numerous eavesdropping warrants and search warrants.  Joe also tried many cases as a prosecutor, and negotiated hundreds of plea bargains.  Joe's experience as a prosecutor afforded him unique insight and knowledge of the workings of law enforcement, district attorneys' offices, and the court system, which he now uses to his and his clients' advantage as a defense attorney.

In his 14 years as a defense attorney, Joe has conducted well over one hundred hearings and trials in State and Federal Court, on charges ranging from the sale of narcotics to rape and attempted murder.  Among his many successful trials, Joe has won acquittals for his clients on charges of attempted murder, rape, sex trafficking, kidnapping, narcotics sale and possession, and gun possession.  Joe is familiar with all aspects of client representation and will expertly guide clients through the entire process, from initial contact with law enforcement through resolution of the case.  Joe is very excited to be a member of the Law Office of Robert DiDio & Associates, as Mr. DiDio has been a friend and colleague for many years.

Areas of Practice

  • Family Law