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March 2017 Archives

Prosecutors: The Internet can be used as a physical weapon

Ever since it first came into widespread use, the Internet has been used by some to facilitate criminal activity. Most of these crimes are transactional in nature - such as buying drugs on the now-defunct Silk Road website or trading videos and images of child pornography. Law enforcement agencies at the state and federal levels have dedicated considerable time and resources to fighting internet crime.

Do we equate race with criminality and threat? Study says yes

America would like to think of itself as a post-racial society. But countless incidents over the last decade have reminded us that America still has a significant problem with race. Many believe that the election of our first African-American president had the unforeseen effect of highlighting racist beliefs and attitudes that persist more than a half-century after the civil rights movement.

Avoid DUI charges on St. Patrick's Day this year

You may need no reminder that today is St. Patrick's Day. According to one set of statistics, just over 56 percent of Americans said that they expect to celebrate the holiday this year. In most cases, the celebration will revolve around (or at least include) the consumption of alcohol.

You can fight weapons charges with these 3 defenses

Facing weapons charges makes you feel the world is against you, especially as a male. Many assume you chose to turn to a weapon and cause harm to others, but you know that's not the case. Charges like these often make the news, making it easy for your reputation to suffer damage and for you to face scrutiny from those around you. Fortunately, you have the right to defend yourself and protect yourself against weapon crime charges.

Unique sentence imposed for juvenile defendants

Whenever prosecutors or judges come up with ideas for unique and creative sentences, the cases often get covered in the news. Sometimes, a creative sentence is imposed as a learning opportunity - especially in cases involving juvenile defendants. The theory here is that juvenile crime is often the product of naiveté and poor judgment rather than malice. If we accept this premise (and juvenile development research suggests we should), then we should be focusing on reform rather than punishment.

Should police interactions be taught in driver training courses?

In our last post, we discussed the importance of knowing your rights when interacting with police, especially when it comes to things like filming the encounter. Police officers may not be entirely truthful about what is and isn't legal, and this can lead to many potential problems, including an escalation of force or the violation of your civil liberties.

Filming interactions with police: Know your rights

Most of us assume that police are required to tell the truth regarding matters of law. It stands to reason that someone hired to enforce laws should be forthcoming about which behaviors are legal or illegal. Unfortunately, that's not always how it works.

Continuing questions over police collection of Amazon Echo data

In recent months, we have written about an interesting and perhaps precedent-setting murder investigation. At the heart of the case are questions about personal technology, privacy rights and the ethics of private companies cooperating in overly broad demands for customer data.

Self-driving cars and DUI charges (for human drivers)

One of the biggest long-term goals in transportation is the development of fully autonomous (self-driving) vehicles. Many futurists and tech experts believe that self-driving cars would significantly reduce the risk of car accidents, minimize traffic jams and allow drivers to focus on more enjoyable tasks during their commute.

What Our Clients Say

  1. Pedro from Nassau County

    “I was arrested and charged with being the getaway driver during a knife point robbery. The police stopped my car a block away from the robbery with my co-defendant in the car with me. The victim identified my co-defendant to the police within 5 minutes of the robbery...

  2. Johnny From Astoria

    "Mr. DiDio represented me during a murder trial in 2008. I was acquitted of all charges and released from jail after a four-week trial. I am now pursuing a civil suit against the police to compensate me for the time I was wrongfully incarcerated. Mr. DiDio literally saved...

  3. Frank from South Jamaica

    “Narcotics officers from Queens County arrested me in front of my house and claimed I had pre-recorded buy money in my pocket after they said I sold cocaine to an undercover officer a few minutes earlier. I was not guilty of the charges and planned to go to trial to prove...

  4. Lamar from Brooklyn

    “The Special Narcotics Prosecutor in Manhattan indicted me for the possession of a large quantity of crack cocaine. The police officers claimed they saw me make a sale of cocaine to a female and while they were arresting me, they said a softball size bag of crack cocaine fell from...

  5. Pedro from Nassau County

    “I was arrested and charged with being the getaway driver during a knife point robbery. The police stopped my car a block away from the robbery with my co-defendant in the car with me. The victim identified my co-defendant to the police within 5 minutes of the robbery...

  6. Kenny From Jamaica Queens

    “I don’t know how to thank Mr. DiDio and his Staff. When I first hired the Law Office of Robert DiDio & Associates, I had two violent felony charges pending against me. I had little or no hope of avoiding significant jail time. My former attorney was encouraging me...

  7. Christian from Long Island

    "My mother hired Mr. DiDio to represent me for my first and only criminal case. I was charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm and other minor charges. Prior to indictment the Prosecutor's Office offered me a plea bargain that would include me pleading guilty to...

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