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February 2017 Archives

Your questions answered - illegal search and seizures

Imagine a New York police officer stopping you at random while you walk down the street and demanding you turn out your pockets. The officer had no apparent reason to suspect you were committing a crime. Did he have the legal right to search you? Or perhaps a cop stops you one night while you are driving through town and begins to search your vehicle. He takes your backpack and arrests you. Did he violate your rights by searching your car and taking your backpack. As with many legal questions, it depends.

New York not up to speed on medical marijuana usage

For many years, patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments have used marijuana to help relieve the side effects. After your recent diagnosis, it seemed like a good idea to have something on standby to ease the nausea once you begin your treatments. Unfortunately, it was not in the cards. After you purchased a half-ounce of the drug, the police pulled you over for a minor traffic infraction, searched your vehicle, and arrested you for drug possession.

New York City may be dismissing old arrest warrants

Imagine getting stopped by a police officer. The officer asks for ID, runs your name and then arrests you for a minor offense committed 15 years ago. You may not even remember having committed the offense and had no idea that there was an arrest warrant with your name on it.

When our devices provide incriminating evidence: Part II

In our last post, we began a discussion about the privacy problems posed by our electronic devices. Not only do our devices collect and store information about our daily movements and activities, they sometimes share that information without our knowledge or consent. The incident in our last post was a particularly striking example.

When our devices provide incriminating evidence: Part I

In an internet-connected world, our lives are more convenient than ever before. But that convenience often comes at the cost of privacy. Electronic devices collect, store and sometimes share personal information about us without our knowledge.

College students, robbery charges, and the right defense strategy

Anybody, regardless of age or status, can make a mistake that leads to trouble with the law. This is even more so the case among college students, as these individuals don't always make the right decisions.

Let's get rid of false narratives about crime in the U.S.

In January, during his first week in office, Donald Trump issued an executive order directing the Department of Homeland Security to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants in the United States. His argument continues to be that many undocumented immigrants "present a significant threat to national security and public safety."

Cheap police drug-testing kits continue to cause serious problems

Laboratory testing has become very sophisticated in recent decades. Forensic science has managed to convict individuals based on DNA evidence and clear wrongfully convicted individuals in the same manner. In a lab environment, drug testing is usually also accurate and reliable.

Why is the NYPD so resistant to the use of body cameras?

There have been numerous high-profile cases in recent years in which suspects have been seriously injured or killed during interactions with police officers. And when these events are covered in the news or discussed in court, the officer's version of events often conflicts with statements given by witnesses and bystanders. And when there are conflicting accounts, officers are generally given the benefit of the doubt.

After a conviction, you can choose to appeal your case

A criminal conviction is damaging to your reputation. If you are convicted of a drug crime, it could mean that you never work as a doctor again, since you put patients and others at risk in the eyes of the law. If you don't agree with your conviction, it is possible to seek an appeal. Your license could be at risk, so an appeal may be an option to pursue.

School Resource Officers: What to Do When They're Not Helping

Schools have long had security guards, but over the past several years these guards have been replaced by police officers, often called school resource officers. While most school resource officers and students have at least a civil relationship, dealing with school resource officers is not the same as dealing with teachers.

What Our Clients Say

  1. Pedro from Nassau County

    “I was arrested and charged with being the getaway driver during a knife point robbery. The police stopped my car a block away from the robbery with my co-defendant in the car with me. The victim identified my co-defendant to the police within 5 minutes of the robbery...

  2. Johnny From Astoria

    "Mr. DiDio represented me during a murder trial in 2008. I was acquitted of all charges and released from jail after a four-week trial. I am now pursuing a civil suit against the police to compensate me for the time I was wrongfully incarcerated. Mr. DiDio literally saved...

  3. Frank from South Jamaica

    “Narcotics officers from Queens County arrested me in front of my house and claimed I had pre-recorded buy money in my pocket after they said I sold cocaine to an undercover officer a few minutes earlier. I was not guilty of the charges and planned to go to trial to prove...

  4. Lamar from Brooklyn

    “The Special Narcotics Prosecutor in Manhattan indicted me for the possession of a large quantity of crack cocaine. The police officers claimed they saw me make a sale of cocaine to a female and while they were arresting me, they said a softball size bag of crack cocaine fell from...

  5. Pedro from Nassau County

    “I was arrested and charged with being the getaway driver during a knife point robbery. The police stopped my car a block away from the robbery with my co-defendant in the car with me. The victim identified my co-defendant to the police within 5 minutes of the robbery...

  6. Kenny From Jamaica Queens

    “I don’t know how to thank Mr. DiDio and his Staff. When I first hired the Law Office of Robert DiDio & Associates, I had two violent felony charges pending against me. I had little or no hope of avoiding significant jail time. My former attorney was encouraging me...

  7. Christian from Long Island

    "My mother hired Mr. DiDio to represent me for my first and only criminal case. I was charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm and other minor charges. Prior to indictment the Prosecutor's Office offered me a plea bargain that would include me pleading guilty to...

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