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Do you know the details of an aggravated assault?

Aggravated assault is a serious crime that can carry an accordingly serious penalty as the result of a conviction.

Some of the many factors that can elevate an assault to an aggravated assault include: the use of a weapon, the victim, the intent and the type of injuries suffered by the victim.

New York man arrested on sex crime allegations

A Staten Island native has been charged with a number of sex attacks and is facing charges in another, police say. The 27-year-old facing sex crime accusations has been formally charged with attempted rape, sex abuse, robbery and assault. New York police say the alleged attacks took place in a one-hour timeframe near the man's home. 

Police say they found the accused in a vehicle that was connected to the crime scenes. Apparently, the man was near the location of the sex attacks and lives in the same area. The man is accused of attacking at least four women -- one of them 64 years old and another only 14. The accused was also charged with forcible touching for an attack.

2 New York men facing merry-go-round robbery charges

A one-time carousel worker was arrested recently for robbing his former employer. The 21-year-old New York resident was charged with robbery for allegedly stealing $3,000 from his carousel operator job. He was wearing a mask and carrying a toy gun. The brother of the accused was apparently involved as a lookout.

Police said the accused approached two carousel workers while they were counting money inside a trailer. The accused demanded any cash they had on hand and money that was in a safe. The workers complied and the man then fled the scene. He and his 23-year-old brother made it to the Staten Island Ferry as it was leaving.

2 arrested in New York for designer drug crime

A man and a woman are facing federal charges for allegedly trying to sell designer drugs, including synthetic opioid apparently much stronger than morphine. The drug charges culminated from an investigation that included a raid on a high-end condominium in Long Island City.  Law enforcement authorities believed a synthetic drug lab was being operated out of the New York City waterfront apartment complex. At the same time, another raid was taking place in an adjacent state near the home of the woman also facing drug crime charges.

The two defendants are accused of conspiring to distribute controlled substance analogies, and distributing and possession with intent to distribute those controlled substance analogues. The charges mean each of the accused individuals could face a maximum of 20 years in prison and a fine of $1 million. Both were being held in custody pending bail hearings.

Brothers facing illegal possession of a weapon charges

Two New York brothers are facing a number of gun-related charges after having been arrested within 24 hours of each other recently. Police say the arrests happened after officers spotted a drug deal taking place in a fast food restaurant parking lot. Each man was allegedly in the illegal possession of a weapon when arrested.

After the drug deal, police allegedly found one of the men, age 29, in possession of a loaded revolver, some cocaine and cash. When police searched the home on a warrant the day after his arrest, they say they found the man's 31-year-old brother in the illegal possession of a handgun. The younger man was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a firearm. His older brother was charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

New York Uber driver faces rape charges

An Uber driver is facing charges after allegedly assaulting one of his fares who had passed out. The New York resident apparently admitted to police that he did rape the unconscious passenger after he took her to his apartment in Queens. The victim, 31, who called for the ride in the early morning hours fell asleep after telling the 47-year-old driver where to drop her off, police say.

When the woman woke up and realized what took place, the driver told her he used protection and asked her not to call police. She did call the cops, who charged the man with rape, criminal act of somebody incapable of consent and criminal sex act. He has no criminal record or prior arrests. 

Feds seize 20lbs of fentanyl & heroin in Upper West Side

Recently, federal agents raided an apartment building in the Upper West Side of New York City and seized approximately 20 pounds of fentanyl and heroin. The apartment building was only a few steps away from Central Park. According to agents, the drugs found in the apartment were enough to cause death to almost half the population of the city. Investigators are valuing the fentanyl and heroin bust at over $3 million.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) indicated that fentanyl, in its purest form, can be highly toxic for anyone that comes in contact with the substance. People can die from exposure to fentanyl through inhalation or simply by touching with their bare skin.

New York state resident slapped with drug paraphernalia charge

A 21-year-old man is facing numerous charges after a recent traffic stop on an interstate highway in Allegany County. Police say the New York state resident was allegedly operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs when stopped for a vehicle and traffic violation. During the investigation, drug paraphernalia was apparently found in the vehicle along with brass knuckles – illegal in New York state. According to the Sheriff's office, the suspect was stopped by the STOP DWI Unit.

The suspect was charged with DWAI-drugs and criminal possession of a weapon, fourth degree. According to a police certified drug recognition expert, the suspect was under the influence of a drug that affected his central nervous system, an analgesic and cannabis and that he could not safely operate a motor vehicle. DWAI and weapons possession charges are serious criminal offences that require the advice and guidance of an attorney.

Woman faces grand larceny charge after shopping spree

Many companies in New York and elsewhere around the country issue corporate or business credit cards for their employees' use. They are convenient to use for office supplies, meals or other expenses the business may incur. However, a corporate card should not generally be used for personal expenses. An office manager has recently been arrested for grand larceny after charging several items.

A 38-year-old woman, an office manager at a doctor's office, handled the payroll and billing. With access to the corporate credit cards, she allegedly used them at several high-end stores. She also booked numerous flights on different airlines and stayed at a Marriott.

Two men arrested in Queens for sale of illegal weapons

Some law enforcement officials refer to part of Interstate 95 that runs between New York and some southern states as an Iron Pipeline. It gets this name because gun sellers supposedly use the highway to transport weapons from the South to sell in New York City and other northern cities. Many southern states have weaker gun laws that make the weapons accessible and profitable for unlicensed sellers, according to Richard A. Brown, the Queens District Attorney. Two men were recently arrested for the sale of illegal weapons as part of an investigation of the Iron Pipeline.

A 33-year-old man and a 24-year-old man were arrested for trafficking weapons after allegedly selling them to undercover agents from Feb. 2016 to March 2017. There were sales of 13 weapons that allegedly took place at a Home Depot near the Aqueduct Racetrack. The Queens District Attorney's Narcotics Investigation Bureau and the NYPD Firearms Suppression Section worked together to make the arrests.

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